Monday, September 29, 2014

5 Years Old!

My sweet boy is 5 years old today. I look at him and I couldn't be prouder. He's independent, loving, empathetic, and trustworthy. He's a silly kid, a counter, an athlete, and a big brother who both loves and tortures his little sister. He's got some powerful eyes, a pretty amazing smile, and is an incredible hugger. He's learning to swim, determined to master a cartwheel, is curious beyond measure, and has his mind set that every wall and railing around here was built for him to climb. 

This boy gave us quite a scare during his first moments of life.

Again when he was just over 2 years old.

And I have a feeling he'll continue to keep us on our toes as we officially leave behind the years of toddlerhood and enter the elementary years. Which scares me, but we'll figure it out.

He's five, and I'm incredibly lucky that he's decided as he grows up, he'll still always let me call him his baby. Happy 5th birthday to my sweet baby boy.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sea Shipment!

At 1:45pm Friday, our sea shipment finally arrived to our apartment! 

It took about 2 hours to unload both crates and we were so happy to have extra help at the house to set-up the kitchen and watch the kids while we unpacked and checked off the boxes as they came in. 

By the early evening, we had our new bed set up (hallelujah!), furniture was put together and/or moved, and the kids had literally played with and left out about 95% of the toys they saw. It felt a bit like Christmas around here with all of the clutter and the boxes and the happiness and the occupied individuals. Evan commented on how the arrival of our stuff made it now feel real: we had truly moved to India.

Softer mattress = wrestling match before swim lessons.
I had told myself repeatedly that I was not going to let a shipment rule my life. I didn't want to feel tied to our materialistic things and I wanted to simply enjoy the things we had while we waited on our shipment. But after dreams about items we had packed not arriving, worrying our crate would fall off the ship en route (thanks, Emily!) and then technical issues at customs which held our shipment hostage for ten days, I was extremely eager to see our boxes unloaded and unpacked. 

We hadn't seen these items since July 1st (11.5 weeks) so I had forgotten much of what we sent. Did I really need all of those cups and glasses I packed? Probably not. Should I have maybe packed an extra set of queen sized sheets? Probably so. Some things we pulled out and laughed at (like all of our winter gear, though I'm certain we'll be thankful for it come December in Germany) and some things I felt a great magnitude of thankfulness for, like the last minute runs to Target to stock up on toiletries. Turns out India is lacking in those departments if you are as picky as I am and don't want to pay double the American price.

Don't send a girl to the store when she's packing and having panic attacks or this happens.
So with boxes still waiting to be unpacked and pictures waiting to be hung, it will likely be another week until I give you all the photo tour of our apartment. Maybe longer as I feel a cold coming on. (Seriously, India is testing my immune system to the max.) I'll leave you all with a picture I took last week that I feel sort of sums up the experience dealing with details here:

Oh, India...

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Paharganj Shopping

I'm just about 30 minutes back from a midday shopping trip today and have fallen in love with the discovery of the Paharganj market. It's a little crazy, as most markets are, but has so much to offer from clothes to leather purses to metalwork. I had nothing pressing on my shopping list as I only wanted to explore, but I came home with so many amazing things and have full intentions of visiting again soon -- particularly before the gift-giving seasons of Diwali and Christmas! The deals were great, the selections were huge, and the shop owners were all very nice.

It pays to look up every once in a while.